Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just One Thing After Another

Oh Lordy, what a week.
It started off with two power outages at work.....continued with our special ed. director telling us she wanted to make a few changes to our program. You know, just some minor ones. Changes that mean all three teachers moving classrooms and changing up students after the school year has been in session for SIX WEEKS.
Sorry, didn't mean to shout. It's just that most of the time I feel like I am caught working in Superman's Bizarre-o world. You know, the one where everything is just the opposite of what it should be.
Oh well.....cleansing breath.....I know just what I need......take a drive up north to the cottage, spend some time with my husband and see all the beautiful fall foliage. So off I went to see this:

And instead I saw this:
And even this!

Yikes......snow in the beginning of October! I can only imagine what this winter will be like.
However, on our Saturday afternoon drive to see the fall foliage, we stopped in Bear Lake at the Two Sisters Quilt Shop. I love, love, love this shop! I bought some fabric for a bag. No pictures right now, but hope to finish the bag by next week and will post them then.
And while we were there.....guess what?
We found out that there was a quilt show in town! Of course, Rog was just giddy with joy at this news, but being the good guy that he is, he drove me right over and even went in and looked at the quilts with me.
That night we turned on the heat, popped a movie in the DVD player and I started whipping the edges on this:
It's a Cindi Gay pattern that I made at rug hooking camp in Manistee two summers ago. It is supposed to be used on a stair riser. However, since we live in a ranch I think this will end up going over a doorway. Here's a closeup of the center rose:

Amazing how a little fiber, color and time with a really good guy can make the rain, snow and that craziness I call work just fade into the background!


  1. The foliage is beautiful and I love your stair riser.
    We still have to redo our stairway, for now it is carpeted. I was thinking of doing braided pieces for the steps, not sure if I have enough room for a riser, will see.


  2. Sounds like you had a crazy week! I'm glad the weekend was better for you - did you take pictures at the quilt show? LOVE the stair riser - I'm working on six of my own, but I think I like yours better! LOL

  3. Love the fall colors! Also, those mittens in the previous post are gorgeous!