Monday, May 24, 2010

Where Emily, Lucy and I Narrowly Escape Disaster

I was lucky enough to have my seven year old granddaughter, Emily, spend the night last weekend. Emily is Lucy's greatest fan--which is not easy to do because when I take Lucy for her walk each day, people in cars actually honk, roll down their windows and holler out hi to her. But Emily and Lucy have a special bond and I'm not sure who gets the most pleasure out of their time together.
Anyway, I thought that it would be a nice weekend to visit a farm, so we all piled into the car and headed off to Maybury State Park. Maybury was once a TB sanatorium. After it closed, it became a hang out for teenagers to go to at night to drink and roam the empty buildings. Finally, after decades of decay, the state stepped in turned it into a state park with walking paths, cross country skiing and a working farm.
When we got there, we thought we'd take Lucy for a little walk to work off some of her, shall we say, excess energy.
Of course Miss Sniffer S. McSniffypants (I swear this dog is part bloodhound) could not stay on the clearly marked designated path and head off for the high grass.
So Em was holding on to Lucy; Lucy was doing her very favorite thing, which is putting her nose into places it doesn't belong and I was being the grandma trying to organize everyone into something that would be picture worthy.
.............that's when I heard this loud droning, which I ignored being that I was totally immersed in my artistic endeavor of the perfect picture. All of a sudden Emily screamed and began to run with Lucy. I looked up and saw this:
Well not exactly this because this is something I downloaded from Google--couldn't exactly take a picture right then as we were too consumed with running, screaming and much flapping of hands with a side order of more screaming. But believe me when I say there were a whole boatload of bees. The kind of bees you see in a cartoon when they are chasing that bear and then form an arrow right before they overtake him and he jumps in a nearby pond. Those kind of bees.
I followed Em and Lucy and we watched while they swarmed around and then went back from whence they came--which I believe was a nest in the ground that someone who we will not name, but has big ears and a black nose, poked her nosy black nose into.
Anyway, we had a great day at the farm. Em decided that she wants a pet goat (all part of my secret plan to turn her into a rug hooker):
And I finally did get the perfect picture of my two girls.


  1. Whew! Great story but that was a close call. Sounds like something Brother Norman would do though! BTW, Norman has drveloped a special attachment to MY little Emily...isn't that funny?

  2. Oh Lucy is getting so big! Mr Mugen is also a big sniffer!

  3. Gee, not sure how I missed this post last week. You have two lucky girls! That could have been ugly. I guess thats where the expression comes from "Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong"!

  4. Hi Debra,
    Like Kim somehow I missed this post too! Wonder if it was something with blogger? Oh I am scared to death of bees when they are like that. I'm getting better while I'm in the garden to stand still and not wave my arms! Glad you were able to stay safe! That is a great photo of Em and Lucy! Stay safe on your future journeys! Cathy G

  5. Close Call! Glad you three were able to make a run for it! That could have been a very bad situation. Great story!

  6. Hi Debra,
    Don't know how come I haven't visited here before (or at least I don't think I have) but thanks for leaving the comment on my blog and getting me here. You are a fabulous blogger!! You have a wonderful writer's voice that is intimate, engaging and addictive. I read many, many posts while here.
    Your grand-daughter is so gorgeous and obviously very happy to be with you and Lucy. I have a good friend who has a cardigan corgi and a semi-corgi (only one parent was - the other was a setter) but Polo (the semi) is a ringer for Lucy, other than she got the setter ears. The cardigan got the ears, so together they are exactly Lucy.
    Thanks again for sharing. I will become a frequent visitor. I'm going to put a link to you on my blog to make it easy to get here.