Saturday, March 6, 2010

There's a New Girl in Town

.....and her name is Lucy! She is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi and just turned six month old. Just look at those ears! I got to tell you there has been some serious ear nuzzling going on around our house lately. I am just having so much fun with her--even the five AM potty calls on Saturday mornings aren't to bad. She's just so funny to watch.
We brought her home about three weeks ago. I--being a serious reader and watcher of the Dog Whisperer--told my husband that I would take her for a walk around the neighborhood while he set up her crate in the living room. My thought was she would be tired and happy when she first entered her new home and she would go straight into her crate so she and the cats could get to know each other a little before we gave Lucy a walk through of her forever home.
Well, you know what they say about best laid plans. We did go for a walk, my husband did set up her crate and we did come up to the house tired and happy. That's when things began to fall apart!
We walked into the living room, went right to her crate and this is what we found....
Oh yes....Gracie had already claimed the crate as her own. Now instead of putting Lucy calmly in her crate, she is now jumping around wildly on her leash. Gracie starts hissing and spitting and will not leave the crate and the other cats are howling from the back of the couch upset from all the commotion and this new creature we have brought into their domain.
Needless to say, we got it all sorted out and Lucy and the cats have come to a semi-truce. Lucy can't understand why these little funny looking puppies don't want to play with her. And the cats, being cats, have just decided to ignore the whole matter and pretend nothing has changed. We still have some hissing and every once in a while, a yelp when Lucy gets a little to forward and the cats come down with the paw o' doom on her nose. But right now the cats are asleep in their spots in the living room and Lucy is asleep in the bay window, so we are making progress.


  1. Thats too funny. The look on Gracies's face in that crate----Like she is saying "Back off New Girl". LOL Glad to hear they are learning to live with each other. New pups are so much fun.

  2. Love Love your new Lucy girl! You can just tell by the look in her face she is adorable and will be right at home soon! Can't blame the kitties though for trying to claim the cage! LOL We are Dog Whisperer fans here too. It has helped with the understanding of our pets and how to introduce new ones to the "pack"! Cathy G

  3. I laughed until I cried - I can just see Lucy dancing a jig on the leash. We are so glad to hear how well she is doing. It makes us proud to have on of our babies go to such a good home.