Friday, April 2, 2010

Hoppy Spring!

We are having some beautiful spring days--so much so that I just may break out the capris! Here is a little spring bunny rug that I have sitting on a table in my living room. Actually this was the first actually "real" rug that I did. The bunny is textured wool and I dyed the blue for the sky (lupine blue from the book Beautiful Wool). That was also my first attempt at dying wool. The border and the grass are both upcycled wool from two different pair of wool pants. I love that green and just have a little bit of it left to work into some other project.

Yes, that bit of black in the upper left corner is a little cardi nose! Lucy has to be involved in just every little thing that goes on around here.
Speaking of Lucy, she is off to the vets in an hour or so. It is time for her to be spayed. I know it needs to be done, but oh is it going to be hard to leave her there.
Right now she is sitting on the window seat (her favorite spot in the whole house) just watching the world go by. This picture was taken during our last snow storm. It's a lot greener out there now. Don't you just love that corgi stretch?


  1. Happy Easter Debra. Lucy will be happy to get back home to her favorite spot. Maybe the Bunny will leave her a new toy this weekend??

  2. Those are two very cute pics.! I just love that bunny rug.....what a first. And your little puppy is the window is just precious!

  3. Hi Debra,
    Love your bunny rug! Wow, you got right into dyeing in your beginnings as a rug hooker! Took me 4 years! LOL Hope Lucy will be back home in no time. She certainly is a cutie! Have a nice Easter! Cathy G

  4. AWWW that's an adorable pic of Lucy in the window. I just love it when they stretch out like that! Has her chewing subsided any yet? I wish her a speedy recovery from her surgery!

    Love the rug too!