Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break

Lucy made it through her surgery just fine and thanks you all for your well-wishes. Everyone at the vet thought she was the best dog ever!! When I came to pick her up later in the day, even the vet came back out and told me that she thought Lucy had such a wonderful temperament and was really a great dog. Laura (Lucy's first mom and breeder), if you're reading this--be proud!
So I brought her home all fuzzy and drugged up. I put her on the bed and spent the rest of the day with her reading while she slept. I carried her outside a couple of times to do her business, which she promptly did and then would fall right over sound asleep! By the next morning, she was up eating and running around being her usual silly self.
Unfortunately, I haven't done as well as Lucy, spending my week off work on the couch with what started out as some kind of virus and ended up as asthmatic bronchitis. On one hand, good to have the time off to recover and not have to worry about work--on the other hand--hey, it's my vacation! I had hoped to finish up on my Crazy Horse Rug, but didn't even pull it out one time. I did try my hand at some punch needle--which I will save for another post....


  1. Oh Debra, isn't that the way it goes! Sorry to hear you've been sick. No fun while caring for everybody else and no way to spend a vacation. Glad to hear Lucy is doing fine! Hope you are up and running like Lucy in no time! I enjoyed your comment on my blog. I would like to lose 20 lbs and wear something besides these t shirts and jeans too. Oh well, it's fun to dream!! LOL Hang in there dear!! Cathy G

  2. Awwww - What a trooper! We miss her silly sweet self but are glad she has found her perfect, forever home with you.