Monday, July 4, 2011


So much to talk about.....last days of work......packing.....moving.......
In the middle of all this, I did take a week to go to the Manistee Rug School.  I probably should have used the week to continue packing, but-hey-sometimes you just need to feed your soul. 
I took a class from Susan Feller.  She works with you on designing a folk rug based on fraktur designs.  She has templates you can use to help you in this process.
If you go to Susan's website you can see pictures of some of her rugs.  I can only tell you that you MUST see them in person to get the true feeling of depth and color in her rugs.  They are beautiful!

This is Susan holding the rug she made that will be part of the Celebration exhibit at Sauder Village this year.
This is one of my personal favorites:
which inspired me to do something a little different in the rug that I designed.  I'll tell you more about that next time.  Now off to unpack more boxes!


  1. That sounds fun. I really love the one with the trees she is holding. My kind of colors!

  2. Love the design you did - great colours and wonderful background - I just checked the Manistee blog and it's too close to the Trent school here if I am teaching. But it looks like a great group of teachers and a fun time.

  3. Beautiful rugs! Love the design and colors on both. Also, don't we have a lot in common? Same age, retired teachers, and hooking..... Isn't it fun to blog and meet all these people that you'd have no way of getting acquainted with otherwise? I'm no going to pop over and check out Susan's site.