Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rug Love

One last post on the Manistee Rug School.
As I said, I took a class from Susan Feller. The purpose of this class was to design our own folk art rug. At first I was a little nervous, because drawing and I are strongly linked by an eraser and I am more that a little intimitated by it.
Susan, however, made it very easy by providing templates of different fraktur designs.
Here is the table of all the designs.  So the scary drawing part wasn't even in the picture and we could all get right down to the fun desing part.  Some of us made smaller mats; others large rugs with many different designs.  A couple of students came in with their own designs and worked on those during the week.
Here I am in the background hard at work....
Susan's rugs are beautiful and photos just do not do them justice.  Here are three just to give you an idea of the work she does...
This is part of a long runner.  The colors in the actual rug are much deeper and richer.
Another runner.  I love the clamshell border on this one.
Another favorite of mine.  I love the cheerful flowers and bird.


  1. Love the rugs. I bet it was a fun time and I am with you can't draw that well.

  2. The rugs are beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, Gus is a cardi. He's the second one I've had. I grew up with one we named Burt. Both guys have been the best dogs. My grandmother had Pembrokes...they're a bit more high strung, but fun nonetheless. Lucy is a doll.