Sunday, September 27, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy.......

Gosh, it has been so long since I posted--the time is just flying by! What with the wedding, school starting and physical therapy three times a week, it seems like I get up in the morning and before I know it the day is over and I'm back in bed again.
All good stuff, however. The wedding, as I said in my last post, was just perfect. And if any of you would like to drop by, I'll be glad to sit down with you and a cup of tea and show you 32,438 wedding photos and discuss them in excruciating detail.
School is off to a good start. I have a nice group of young men and in spite of a few ups and downs, everyone is beginning to settle in and adjusting to the routine. I have two new paraprofessionals and they are very nice and we all seem to be getting along.
Physical therapy is going well. The therapist told me on Friday I could stop using my cane, which delighted me to no end until I tried to walk a long distance without it. Right now, I won't be entering any marathons, but I am beginning to see the light at the end of that tunnel.
Of course, I'm still plugging along on my rug. Here is my slightly wonky bluebird of happiness:

His poor little flat head looks like mama bird let him sleep on his back to much. And what is going on with that beak?
I also finished a couple of the flowers. A blue trio:
And some red......
And when you put it all together....

I also did some dying yesterday in search of the perfect chocolate brown. I'm not there yet, but I think I'm getting closer. And my sister and I went to a fiber festival in Romeo, but that is a subject of another post!


  1. Your rug looks delightful. Liking the colors very much.
    Hoping you continue to make good progress with your therapy.

  2. Just starting to follow your Blog, that is a beautiful rug, I will enjoy watching it, I hope to do something with the similar color tones. I don't get alot of time to hook myself.