Sunday, September 6, 2009

Puttering About....

.....and that's exactly what I have been doing. A little of this and a little of that. While I am out of the cast, I still have to rely on a cane or crutches and need to rest frequently, so things get done in bits and pieces.
I've been in my classroom setting things up. It's not as ready as I would like, but it's the best I can do this year. One things of learned in this recovery process is the concept of "good enough".
I've also been working on my Crazy Quilt rug and making slow, but steady progress. I'm getting some of the larger motifs done and as soon as they are finished, I'll move on to the background. I tried to take some pictures, but the light is fading and my camera doesn't seem to take good pictures when it is dark outside--or maybe it is the photographer, who knows?
And for those of you who have been sitting up nights worried about my safety.......when Moses and Jasperkitty are not busy helping arrange my wool stash, they are on the job alert for any signs of our very own axis of evil.......

a chipmunk that is apparently building condos under my front porch and selling them to his little chipmunky friends. Oh, the growling, the hissing, the throwing themselves against the screen-- all in the hope of just one minute with that evildoer. So sleep well are safe tonight.


  1. So glad those two are on duty! Looks like things are under control.....Thanks for checking in with me.

  2. In 18 years of teaching my classroom has never been as ready as I would like it... but the first day comes regardless and we get through no matter how ready we or are not. Have you started back already or is tomorrow your first day? Hope you have a great year!