Saturday, January 30, 2010

Already Behind.....

So here it is the first month in a new decade and already I've broken my first resolution to be more organized and timely. >Sigh<
For a brief moment I thought I would do this whole thing about everything that I had accomplished the past ten years (not much) and then do a big write up on my goals for the next decade. But then I, as my English friend Liz is wont to say, I had a bit of a lie-down and thank goodness that foolishness faded away.
I can show you my new digs for 2010. Ha! I so totally amuse myself....we went to Asheville over the holidays to see the Biltmore estate. They decorate the place for Christmas and I've always wanted to see it. Unfortunately if you'd like to see the decorations inside you will have to shell out $65.00 PER PERSON because for that price you are not allowed to take pictures. It was beautiful tho, in all it's excessive glory. Hicks that we are, neither my husband and I could imagine using all those rooms or having a fireplace so big you could walk into it. And for that matter, why in the world would you even want to walk into a fireplace?
So......still working on my Crazy Horse Quilt rug. I was getting a little stuck because there is just so much......stuff in this rug and my worry was that if I wasn't just a little bit careful it would end up looking like a big mish mosh. However, my husband gave me a class with Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studio and with her help and the help of the other women in my class, I've kind of gotten over the hump and am excited about it again.

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