Monday, August 24, 2009

Life is Good

Don't you love these T-shirts? This is my favorite. My sister gave it too me ages ago and I wear it all the time--way more often than a woman my age should. But I love the kitty and I love the message.

Yes, life is good around here.

After four days of rain, cold and general gloom, we finally have a what my husband calls a "bluebird day".....
This came in the mail yesterday.... My Bliss cutter is back and I can get back to rug hooking without having to cut my wool by hand! I finished this........

......and I love it! It is roomy and has two pockets on the outside and several on the inside. I hoping this will help keep everything from falling into a big jumble in the bottom of my purse. And it is so cute I can hardly stand upright from the cuteness!

I am, after ten weeks in various casts, in two shoes......

Granted, not very attractive shoes, but shoes nonetheless. It doesn't look like I will be wearing heels to my son's wedding on the September 12th, but I won't be wearing a cast either.

And best of all, Rog's daughter and two of his grandchildren are coming to visit for a few days.

Yes, life is good!


  1. Hi Debra

    Glad you visited my blog and left a comment. I am adding you on my blog role. Glad you are out of the cast..

    Corner Brook, Newfoundland

  2. Hi Debra......thanks for visiting my blog. I just adore the name of yours, and also the banner. I would like to add that the little bag you made is adorable! Love the fabric. I have a "bag thing" as you may have noticed from my blog. Just love to find cute, interesting, and especially homemade ones. Also, will link you up to mine.

  3. Hi Debra,
    Thanks for the comment today on my blog.....I hope I find time to get the ugly guy on Ebay now! Hey, your fabric bag really turned out cute! That didn't take you very long to make! Enjoy your new found freedom from the cast! Blessings! Cathy G

  4. Yeah, wearing nice shoes after an injury can suck. I found some good wide, comfy ones I could wear around my bandages for my sister's wedding in July. They didn't look half bad, either. I found them in this little shop through if you're curious. Congrats on being out of the cast!!