Sunday, August 2, 2009


Rest in peace my little Bliss cutter.
I was cutting some wool today and she just died. Oh, there had been warnings. Some slipping, not cutting completely through the wool. I guess I should have seen the signs and sent her away for some first aid because now there is nothing.....she flatlined and now matter what type of CPR I try, I just can't get her back.
I guess I'll have to send her off tomorrow to see if she can be saved. Let's all keep our fingers crossed as I really don't have the money for a new cutter right now.
My rug hooking will be hiatus until I get word on the cutter. I cut my wool as I need it. I"ve found that if I cut too much wool at one time, the little wool fibers floating around set off an alergic reaction--sneezing, eyes swelling and tearing. So I have learned to cut just enough for the hooking I am going to do that day which means that at this moment I have no cut wool to work with. >sob<
Ah well, certainly worse things can happen. On the bright side, I've been wanting to design my own rug--I will use my 10 minutes a day to do some drawing. And I have a half-finished quilt that could use my attention. I certainly won't be without things to do.


  1. I'm thinking positive thoughts for you and hoping that your Bliss can be revived. I know Fraser can work wonders!

  2. Thanks! I've already heard from Fraser--my little Miss Bliss is fixed and on her way home!