Monday, August 10, 2009

A Spot of Tea

We had a wonderful time at our wedding shower yesterday! We had it at a beautiful little tea room near us. They had all sorts of beautiful English hats for us to try on. Don't we all look beautiful?
This is my "almost" daughter-in-law, Lesley, with her mom and grandmother.

And my daughter Kate. Trust me, she hasn't worn anything this girly-girly since she started picking out her own clothes at about age three!
Of course, my sister and I had to get into the act! And there was food. Oh my gosh was there food........ tea sandwiches on the bottom level, scones with lemon curd and Devonshire cream on the middle level and tasty little deserts on the top. Mmmmmm!Lesley opened her presents........

I am so happy and proud that Lesley is joining our family. I tell everyone I got the two-for-one special because Lesley has a charming and delightful daughter (who is helping her open the presents). So I not only get to be a mother-in-law, I also get to be a grandmother! Needless to say I am on cloud nine about that.

With the hard times that so many people in this country are going through, it is important to hold our blessings close to us and to be thankful for them. These are just a few of mine.


  1. I did put on makeup and brush my hair so I'm good there, but I'm quite sure there have been days where I've looked thinner!

    I love Katie's angelic pose, but she's not fooling me! ;)

  2. Lovely looking ladies all! What a blessing to have such a wonderful family! Thank-you too for commenting on my boys! It's nice to know someone is at least reading my blog. It takes a lot of work but I am enjoying it! Cathy g

  3. Debra, thank you for posting on my blog.
    The tea party looked like lots of fun.
    I too am a breast cancer survivor, not a year yet.
    Love your blog.

  4. Hi Debra! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love YOUR blog! Your kitties are adorable! Your style of writing is very enjoyable... can tell you have an awesome sense of humor! Big hugs for being a survivor!!!!! Keep on hooking! Your rug is looking great! Oh, and congratties on your additions to your family! I'll return to read some more later... :-)