Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hanging With My Peeps

I was hooking the other day when I heard this very faint "peep-peep." Looking out the window I saw this:

A little baby robin hanging on for dear life to the back of our glider! The picture isn't the greatest as I had to take it through the window, but he still had little pieces of down sticking up through his little baby feathers. And look at that those little baby tail feathers.......Don't you just want to grab him and kiss his little feathery cheeks? (How many times can I use the word little in one paragraph?!)

So he sat there chirping and pretty soon the mama flew down with a berry in her beak. I thought she was going to feed him, but she was using the berry to entice him to fly. She sat on the arm of the glider with the berry in her beak and she kept flapping her wings as if she was trying to show the little guy, "Look, it's easy. Just do this." Junior, however, was having none of it. He was hanging onto that glider like it was the last life raft on the Titanic.

After a while I moved away from the window, thinking that I might be a distraction to the whole process--what with my nose pressed to the window, taking four thousand pictures and yelling to my husband that he had to come see this right now. When I checked back later, the little guy had made it to the planter under our front window.

An hour later, they were both gone. In my head, he made it back to the nest and away from all the nasty little baby bird preditors we have around here. Right now, in my head, he is a teenage robin, asking to borrow the family car and staying out past his curfew.

In other baby animal news (we're better than the Disney Channel!) a few days later my brother-in-law stepped out onto the deck and came face to face with a little baby rabbit! The baby was so surprised that he jumped right into the lake and began swimming like he was being chased by a pack of wolves. I didn't even know that rabbits could swim. My brother-in-law saved the day by wading into the lake, grabbing the baby and bringing up to shore. We let him loose in some bushes next to the house where he would have some cover and could dry off. I didn't get a picture as it happened so fast and the little one was scared out of his wits.

So after all this, do you think you can stand to see the hooking I have been doing? Not too much, actually. I had to go home for a doctor's appointment and didn't feel like gathering up all my hooking stuff for the week I would be gone. But I did manage to begin this paisley-like leaf before I left.

As I don't seem to have the best camera in the world, the leaf is outlined in a dark olive green, the veins are in a very dark almost teal color and the little dots are a greenish gold. It will be filled in with a dark olive green on one side and a little olive green on the other. Did I mention how much I love this rug???

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