Sunday, July 26, 2009


So, as I mentioned before the knitted shawl project is not going so well for me. I frogged it once again last night. Grrrrrrrr! I just cannot get the hang of this. I know how to knit; my mother taught me when I was about in 3rd grade. I don't like to knit sweaters because a) yarn is crazy expensive and 2) you never know if it will look good on you or if it will even fit. Too many variables in there for me to spend that kind of money. Oh yeah--one other thing is that I hate, hate, hate to sew seams in a knitted sweater. However, I do find knitting relaxing and like to make things like socks, scarves, hats or anything that meets my criteria of no seams and no fitting. So you would think a shawl would be right up my alley.

However, I will not give up just yet. Maybe a different pattern......................
Since I don't have a picture of my progress on the shawl from hell, I thought you might like to see a pic of my sister and I knitting:

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