Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hello--Anyone Out There?!?

Well, here I go. My first blog post.
First a little about myself. I am a special education teacher by day who loves to work on fiber-related projects in my spare time. During the school year, the spare time is in short supply, however in the summer I indulge myself by working on all the projects I dream about during the fall and winter. I love rug hooking, quilting and an occasional knitting project. I have been sewing since I was a little girl and took up rug hooking a few years ago. Right now, I am smitten with rug hooking although I do like to keep a quilt "in progress."

I just finished a rug: "Give Ye Thanks." This is a pattern from Spruce Ridge Studio. If you have never seen Kris Miller's patterns, you must go over there right now. She is an extremely talented woman who has a wonderful eye for design and color. She is a fabulous teacher also. I took rug hooking classes from two other teachers and it just didn't "click" until I went to Kris' class.

Kris helped me choose some of the wool for this rug. Although the picture does not do it justice, the background wool is a beautiful light blue and lavender plaid that give just a beautiful sense of movement and depth the rug.

As you can see the rug is not what I call "finished/finished". The hooking is done. It has been steamed. The edges have not been turned under and whipped.

Sigh......this is one of my biggest personality flaws. I can never quite finish a project. I get almost there.......and then it's................"Oh look! Something shiny!" And off I go in another direction.

This time things are no different. Here is my latest project:

This design in called "Crazy Horse Quilt" and is by Susan Quicksal of Holly Hill Designs. I LOVE this rug. It is crazy busy and should be really fun to hook. I can't wait to start.

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  1. I saw a picture of that Susan Quicksal rug the other day and it is absolutely delightful! Can't wait to see yours progress!