Sunday, July 19, 2009

Here Comes the Sun!

Well, as you can see from our very classy Raccoon Eating Corn thermometer, we are finally have some nice weather and are able to get outside for a little while. Rog is taking down the shutters, painting them and then putting them back up. I am sitting in the sun writing this post. (Being in a cast does have some advantages!)

Honestly, don't you love our little back door thermometer? It's is, of course, complimented by the equally classy Buzzy Bee that is hanging nearby:

I bet you didn't know this was a decorating blog! The only thing that I can say in our defense is that they were here when we moved in. The fact that we moved in eight years ago and haven't yet taken them down, say loads for our character.

Anyway, back to rug hooking. I promised you a picture yesterday of my little speckled hen:

Isn't she just so cute? I put the wool next to her so you could see the texture of the wool I used. Susan Quicksall, in her tips for hooking this rug, suggests that first do all the items in the foreground and to hook a row of a neutral color around them. I chose a very light gray for that. Because the rug is so busy, this really helps to keep them from being lost.

Now what shall I hook next? ...............a leaf? ............a horse? ...........or perhaps a flower?


  1. that is a cute chicken! did you take a class with Susan Quicksall?

  2. No, although I would love to take a class from Susan. After I ordered the pattern, Susan was kind enough to give me tips via email. I love her work--I especially like her use of beading in her rugs.